Aberlour Gardens Environmental Statement


Aberlour Gardens has always been committed to saving energy and being energy efficient wherever possible.


David Bellamy Gold Award for Conservation

We have achieved the gold award for the past 8 years in which time we have increased the number of bird boxes, feeders, introduced log piles, wildlife corridors, bug hotels and increased indigenous planting to encourage a wider range of pollinators as well as birds and butterflies

Local Produce used on the park and sold in the Shop

Wherever possible we support local businesses to supply and source our produce for the shop as well as the parks general housekeeping and maintenance requirements. We also use local trades when ever possible.

Public Transport


Click HERE for information on public transport and taxi companies. 
Timetables are also displayed in the laundry.

Re-Cycling Facilities

We have bins strategically placed around the park for general rubbish and waste food stuffs, these are emptied daily. There is a recycling centre at the main gate of the park which comprises of bins for cans, glass, plastic (types 1 & 2) and paper, there is also a doggy bin. We hope this encourages our customers to recycle as much of their waste as possible.

Water Saving

Most the showers and taps on Aberlour Gardens are push button this prevents them being left on, all the urinals are on a timed flush to reduce wastage while being hygienic. 

Modern Efficient Boilers

All boilers are serviced annually to make sure they are working to their optimum efficiency.
We have to Rinnia Boilers that only work on demand which helps prevent the storing of large quantities of hot water. We have timers and restrictors on the radiators in the toilet block to help reduce heat wastage.

Grass Cutting

Grass needs to be kept neat and tidy and cut regularly to prevent the park looking untidy, we use a mulching cutter which allows the cutting to naturally feed back in to the soil. We also leave an area close to the edge under the hedgerows to encourage wildlife. Hedges are cut outside of bird nesting times again to encourage wildlife to flourish.

Water Harvesting

We have a number of water butts strategically positioned to catch rain water which is then used to refill the pond and water the gardens thereby saving large amounts of fresh water as well as being beneficial to the gardens.


Motion sensors are used in all buildings so that lights automatically go out when there is no one around. Light sensors are used around the park on all outside lights so that they automatically come on when it is dark and go off in the morning as soon as it is light. Low level lighting is used around the park to limit light pollution also low energy bulbs are used where ever possible.

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